Preventing is easier

A third of all deaths are preventable. Information saves lives.

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DoPrevent presents the top causes of health problems and how to prevent them. The problems are ranked based on their risk and the actions based on their preventive potential.

Prevention is not a cure, and unfortunately health problems can't always be avoided. But there are many things that we can do to decrease the chance of their occurrence. Some of these actions are harder and involve behavioral changes, but others are trivial. Many times we don't take preventive actions simply because we are not aware of them or their true benefits.


The risk score of medical conditions are determined based on three factors:

The values considered are estimates. The precise incidence and case fatality rates can vary based on age, gender, ethnicity, area or the particularities of each case. We don't aim for exact precision, but to estimate the risks and the benefit of the preventive actions.

The actions are ranked based on the cumulative risk of the conditions they can prevent. This preventive potential is not an exact measure, but an estimated benefit of taking the action.

Data sources

The disease descriptions, incidence rates, risk factors and preventive actions are based on sources such as Wikipedia, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The British Heart Foundation, The American Cancer Society, and medical peer-reviewed research papers.

If you find any mistake, please let us know.